11 September 2018

The future belongs to mobile solutions. With our mobile solution, enhance customer experience by empowering your drivers with mobility and improve end-to-end business performance and communication.

 GBSNav is an android software for on-site sales order processing for LPG deliveries. Your truck drivers supplying bulk LPG have all relevant data for order processing and invoicing at customer delivery site.

Enable your driver to

  • Access and prepare his road map even sooner.
  • Generate and print invoices or delivery notes at customer’s site.
  • Electronically capture signatures and photos for proof of delivery

With continuous communications on the road or at the customer site, follow your deliveries and truck fleet in real time from GBS back office environment.

  • Track and manage pickups and deliveries
  • Track the stock of your vehicles
  • Keep track of last-minute changes and take action immediately if needed. Notify drivers about new delivery destination, change in route, or emergency pickup.
  • Communicate with drivers on real time with integrated text messaging
  • Cut costs and eliminate paperwork.
  • Avoid double-entry of data onto separate systems.

GBSNav software can be upgraded over the air, so you never need to take your vehicles out of service, this also allows you to take full advantage of the latest updates and features in real-time.

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